Friday, January 20, 2012

pictures from the passenger seat

I realized a while back that, while I’ve posted a bunch of pictures here so far, very few of them actually showcase the Okinawa that I see everyday. With that in mind, I took a series of pictures out the window of the car to try to give you all a  sense of what it actually looks like here. 

Our area is not all that picturesque. 

But I do like this mural!

The water is always sneaking up on me.
There it is again!
McDonald's is also always sneaking up on me. It's all over the place.
Family shrines are everywhere, and are often visible from the road, especially in areas where there's a particularly good view. We're not sure if people are really buried there, but shrines are definitely the place people go to mourn and commune with their ancestors.
The northern part of the island is highly agricultural, so it's not unusual to see fields and greenhouses like this...
...and this.
There are wind turbines scattered all around the island. Pretty cool, if you ask me.
Have a great weekend!

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