Friday, June 8, 2012

Better than a good day working...

Another tough day in chaplaincy.

The NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers – Corporals and Sergeants) of the Combat Logistics Regiment that I have been covering took it upon themselves to plan a morning golf tournament.  I had to drag myself out of bed to get up to Taiyo Golf Course for my 7:00 am Tee-time.  It was horrible, but for the command…for the Marine, I’m willing to forego personal comfort.

I really give it to the command for supporting this event.  June is a big down time from military exercises, and nothing big is coming up for us.  But, they really see it as an opportunity for people to let loose a little bit and enjoy each other’s company.  Further, funds collected at the golf tournament (significantly more from officers and SNCOs) goes to support events for NCOs and junior Marines (E-1 though E-5).  Everyone who wants to go is encouraged and given the day off from work (if possible). 

The CLR-3 NCO Golf Tournament is not a once-in-a-lifetime example of commands sending their Marines golfing.  There is a culture of golf tournaments here: if one plays their cards right (and some colonels do), one can spend every Friday golfing.

I am not good at golf.  While I took golf as an elective in college, I was never that good.   That was a long time ago. Today was the first time that I played a round of 18-holes since a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach in 2008.  And I’m not 100% that we finished all 18 then.

While I was a disaster for the first 10 holes, my team somehow pieced together a victory.  I even contributed! 

For the first time, I went out during a work-day to do something fun.  I got to wear some awesome plaid shorts and not camouflage.  I relaxed…and my phone only rang 28 times.

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