Friday, November 16, 2012

oh, Penny...

First of all, as of this week, our blog is 1 year old. Happy Birthday Blog!

Now, on to the good stuff…

Yoni and I don’t write about Penny too often on this blog, so I think today’s post needs a little back story.

Penny is, without a doubt, a member of our family. (If you asked her, I think she’d say she was the head of the family.) We like to take her around the island with us when we can; we go to the beach, or to the dog park, or even just on drives. Last weekend, we went to Cape Hedo, the northern-most point in Okinawa, and Penny came with us. We tried, not so successfully, to take a few family self-portraits.

She is the star of our apartment building – and she knows it. Yoni and I joke that she has a huge ego, because her natural gait makes it look as though she is prancing all the time. All of the little kids scream out “Hi Penny!” whenever they see us, and when they see me without her, they ask me where she is. Even when I'm at the grocery store.

For the next few days, though, I think Penny will be keeping a low profile.

As you can see from the above pictures, she is looking pretty fluffy these days. For whatever reason, her hair grows faster out here, and it’s been hard keeping it in check. It was also, as you might imagine, hard to find a groomer. Nevertheless – we finally found one that we like, and I made an appointment to take Penny in this past Thursday.

I got a call from the groomer about 20 minutes after I got home from dropping Penny off.  “We have a bit of a problem,” she said. What had happened? Penny (obviously) tried to get away from her while she was mid-cut. The groomer reached out to grab Penny, dropping her clippers onto the table. The clippers missed the table and fell onto the floor, where they broke. The groomer did not have an extra pair. “I’ll see her first thing Monday morning,” she said, “but until then, she might be a bit – funny looking.”

At first glance, you might not realize something was wrong.

But once you get a good look – well, it’s hard to miss it. Poor Penny. If only it weren’t so funny!

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