Friday, December 28, 2012

gift giving

Without claiming to know too much about the subject, let me just say that Japanese people take gift-giving seriously. I don't know when gifts are given, to whom, or by whom. Mostly, I know that it's traditional to give gifts - AND I know that the Japanese/Okinawan concept of what is a gift is radically different from the American concept. Not sure what I mean? I might have mentioned on the blog before that fancy fruit is a traditional gift here; one could easily spend $60 on a box of 4 mangoes or a melon tied up with a bow. But while fancy fruit is funny, it doesn't hold a candle to the kinds of boxed gifts that are being sold right now. This morning I went to Aeon, our local department store, to give you all a taste...enjoy! 

these are cups with strange fruit jellies inside (i think)

anyone need some tomato juice?

more juice

individually-wrapped slices of cake and what looks like flan. ok, not so weird - but still funny!

the Japanese here says "sea chicken" i'm thinking tuna? i know tuna is my favorite holiday gift.

boxes all wrapped up and ready to be purchased

bottles of fruit juice, instead of cans. the caption under select gift reads : the pleasure of choosing, the joy of giving. it's the choice that communicates the feeling.

here's a gift pack of ingredients to make your own Japanese soups.



Okinawans LOVE spam

more canned lunch meat
and then, of course, there's the actual meat!

and scary shellfish

and then there's always Yoni's favorite - the beer gifts!

in case you're wondering, i'm pretty sure "zero life" is calorie-free and alcohol-free...but it still comes in the beer gift box!

make-your-own gift box :)

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