Friday, January 25, 2013

Gone Fishin'

“In Okinawa, all Miyagi know two things: fish and karate.”  Karate Kid taught me so much about what my life would be like in Okinawa.  I imagine my brown belt in karate is not going to get much wear out here, but I thought definitely there would be fishing.

After being in Okinawa for a year, Leora and I decided it was time to brush off the fishing poles that I’ve had for twenty years and put them to good use making dinner.  After all, it’s a long weekend, and what else do we have to do?  We picked up a whole bunch of frozen shrimp and headed over to the East China Sea….where I proceeded to break one fishing pole, lose 5 weights, and countless shrimp. 

Plan B.  Restart somewhere new.  We headed down to Araha Beach (right near us).  I only lost three weights.  I also threw out the broken pole.  And, to add dramatic flare to the afternoon, I threw all the rest of the shrimp into the sea (where they were quickly gobbled up by the fish in the area).

So it was not the most successful fishing day.  But Leora and I got of out the house and enjoyed a beautiful Okinawa day. And that was enough!

the first fishing site
getting everything set up
trying to convince the lures not to get caught on the coral
the second fishing site


  1. These pictures have gotten me extremely (more) excited....Gorgeous!!

  2. Strong wind. Strong sun. Strong Sake. . .