Friday, February 8, 2013

Test Me!!!

At this point my life has become a fearsome study session.  I have completed all the qualifications to receive my Fleet Marine Force chaplain swag, but now I need to take the oral boards.  For the first time since prepping for oral boards in Midrash, I’m cramming.  Before Shabbat starts, I want to let you all in on my flashcards, and my pain.

A study session for the Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer Exam:

Category:    History, Customs & Courtesies 
Q:        What is the USMC birthdate? Where did this occur? How?
A:       10 November, 1775 in Philadelphia at Tun Tavern, by a resolution of the Continental Congress, which “raised two battalions of Marines.”

Category:    History, Customs & Courtesies
Q:        Who is the Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps?
A:       Gen. Archibald Henderson, 5th Commandant of the Marine Corps (1820-1859) for 30 YEARS.  He introduced higher standards of personal appearance, training, and discipline

Category:    History, Customs & Courtesies: 
Q:        What did Lt. Gen Lewis B “Chesty” Puller, USMC (Ret.) do when he needed a toothpick?
A:       He used a freakin guidon.  Damn, Chesty Puller is all that is Marine.

Which is the real Chesty?  The similarities are uncanny!

Category:    Mission & Organization: 
Q:        What is the concept of task organization with the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF)?
A:       (1) MAGTFs are balanced, combined-arms forces with organic ground, aviation, and sustainment elements;  (2) They are flexible, task-organized forces that can respond rapidly to a contingency anywhere in the world and are able to conduct a variety of missions.

Category:    Administrative
Q:        What is the roll of the command Sgt Maj?
A:       Directly responsible to the CG.  He/She acts as the principal enlisted advisor to the Commanding General on all matters pertaining to Marine enlisted personnel.   He/she acts as a member of the Commanding General's party on visits and readiness evaluations/inspection trips when enlisted personnel are involved.  He/She keeps apprised of all policies of the Commanding General and disseminates such information to enlisted personnel

Category:    Air Combat Element
Q:        What are the 6 functions of Marine Corps Aviation?
A:       Anti-Air Warfare; Assault Support; Air Reconnaissance; Control of Aircraft and Missiles; Electronic Warfare; Offensive Air Support

Category:    Ground Combat Element
Q:        What is the primary mission of the infantry regiment?
A:       Locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel his assault by fire and close combat. The infantry regiment is the major element of close combat power of the Marine division. The regiment, with appropriate attachments, is capable of independent, sustained operations

Category:    Logistics Combat Element
Q:        What does HMMWV stand for?
A:       High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle;   Baseline is the M998 series:   The M998 is an open aluminum body, canvas top, general purpose tactical truck designed for use over all types of roads and in all weather conditions.

Category:    General Combat
Q:        What are the rights and obligations of Enemy Prisoners of War?
A:       Receive sanitary, protective housing and clothing; Receive sufficient amount of food to sustain good health; Receive adequate medical care; Receive necessary facilities for proper hygiene; Practice religious faith; Keep possessions and personal property except weapons, military equipment, and documents; Send and receive mail; Receive humane treatment

Category:    Communications
Q:        What is the operating frequency range for HF?
A:       2-29.9
Q:        What is the operating frequency range for VHF?
A:       30-88MHz and 116-150MHZ
Q:        What is the operating frequency range for UHF?
A:       225-400MHz

Category:    Weapons
Q:        Give the characteristics of the M16.
A:       Lightweight * Air-cooled * Gas-operated * Magazine-fed * Shoulder or hip fired * Fully adjustable rear sight * Automatic fire (3 round bursts) * Semi-automatic fire (single shot) *  Length: 39.63 inches * Weight, with 30 round magazine: 8.79 pounds * Bore diameter: 5.56mm

Category:    Land Navigation
Q:        Name and identify the 12 parts of a compass.
A:       Luminous Sighting Dots * Sighting Wire  * Luminous Magnetic Arrow * Short Luminous Line * Fixed Index Line * Graduated Straight Edge * Sighting Slot * Lens * Thumb Loop  * Floating Dial * Bezel Ring * Lens or Rear Sight     

Learning is fun! 

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