Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Wiped

Some Fridays are a killer when it comes to writing this blog.  As many of you know, prepping for Shabbat is no easy task. (Editor’s note: Yoni’s idea of prepping for Shabbat is thinking about Shabbat. If you want to know about actually prepping for Shabbat – ask me. LSS) For the most part, I don’t have to learn the Torah readings – so that makes life easier.  But the other things that I wish would just slow down to allow preparations don’t always accommodate my dreams.  This was my day.

Alarm goes off at 0400.  Snooze.
0410.  Really.  You have to wake up.  It’s not a cruel joke.  And it’s a busy day.  Up in the morning with the Okinawa sun… except the sun wasn’t up yet and wouldn’t be for a while.  I know.  I watched it rise.
H&S Company hump (a hike, if you don’t speak USMC).  Yes!  5 miles.  And the sun did come out.
Shower.  Must Shower.  I am both stinky and it’s Service “C” Friday (when we get to look all fancy schmancy).
Formally meet the new XO (Executive Officer, aka second-in-command).
Premarital Counseling for an adorable and awesome couple who will be getting married next month.
Check my e-mail.  Turns out I need to go to the hospital on visitation.
Catfish Friday (no I don’t eat catfish, but as buffets go it’s not bad, and the pecan pie is delicious) with the LPA.
Deckplate ministry time.  Need to check in with my Marines before they go off to their weekends.  If I rush, I can get to the Bulk Fuel BBQ.
Missed the Bulk Fuel BBQ.  Need to hit the Brig (aka JAIL).
Pre-Shabbat Prep with my favorite Jewish inmate.
Try to stop by the EOD BBQ.  Those guys know how to do a BBQ.  No time.  Too many Generals wandering around.
Go to hospital.  Awesome patient. 
Run into the Hospital Chaplain.  Schmooze.
Expletive!  It’s 1700!!!  Shabbat is coming!!!

Dear Gedaliya Goomber of Uncle Moishe and Camp/Chabad Friday Night Fame:
Agreed.  I ain’t gonna work on Saturday. Ain’t gonna work on Saturday.  Single, Double, Triple pay won’t make me work on Saturday.   But how do you handle Fridays of heavy lifting and still have time to get in the right mental place for Shabbat?

What a day!  I’m pooped.  Good night!  Semper Fidelis.  Yawn.