Friday, October 4, 2013

...And I'm back.

Sometimes it’s nice to get off Okinawa, even for just a month.

It was a good trip, but I think next trip off the island will need to be to some place more entertaining and less dusty; “the Sandbox” is not a misnomer for Southwest Afghanistan. 

There is still a war going on; we are still going on missions – but with a lot more Afghan military members. Unfortunately, Taliban is still fighting back. 

But for being smack in the middle of a war-zone, Camp Leatherneck is not so bad.  The amenities are so-so; not great but a lot like sleep-away camp - except with lots of explosions in the background.

My religious program specialist (RP2 Worth) and I spent the chagim wandering around, pestering chaplains, meeting Jews and hanging out with the Padres (all British Military Chaplains go by the term ‘padre’). 

I’m pretty tired having returned home recently.  Instead of writing forever, I figured I’d put up a couple of pictures and call it a day until next week.  Enjoy.

The view from the bunker behind the Flight line chapel.
The chaplain saw camels the day before.

Behind the Flight Line Chapel

9/11 Memorial Observance
Truly interesting/emotionally-charged experience commemorating 9/11 in Afghanistan.
The Chapel arranged for Jewish Service on Erev Yom Kippur.
Remember what I said above about summer camp?  Same benches.

I tried to be artistic.
Fun fact: the frame of the Sukkah was built by a Jewish carpenter.
A Special Forces Jewish Carpenter and Combat Engineer.

RP2 and I work on the Sukkah.
The Sukkah in its full glory.

Another view of the Sukkah with a little of the base in the background.

Have you ever seen a Lulav dry out?
If so, have you ever seen a fresh lulav dry out completely before the fourth day of Sukkot?

Havdalah in the Sukkah during the middle of Sukkot

Me and the British Padres (its hard to see except in black and white because its dark outside)
The Marine Corps and Army chaplains and RPs at our farewell.

Me and RP2
In front of the Chapel.

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