Friday, May 23, 2014

A Good Day for a Bash

There was a dunk tank, and I didn’t have to get in it!

After spending sometime setting up, I consider myself blessed to have survived a CLB-31 “Barrack’s Bash” without getting wet.  Considering that not 20 minutes before start time it was pouring, my staying dry was a rather impressive feat.

Units try to do these kinds of events regularly, but we usually stumble over ourselves and get so eaten up with planning out a formal day that we never get around to having the event.  But we have a new FRO (Family Readiness Officer), and she was going to make it happen.  Respect.  My RP and another Marine really took over to ensure the details.

It wasn’t much.  A barbecue.  Homemade side dishes and desserts from the spouses (thanks Leora for making cookies, they were delicious). Some tents.  A football and a soccer ball.  And, of course, a dunk tank.  It doesn’t have to be much; it can still be a great time.

Sure, there were complaints:  Beer might have helped.  We should have gotten more time off work.  Why wasn’t there chicken?  Here’s the thing: as long as there is a Marine Corps, there will be complaints.  

But for as many complaints as there were, there were many more laughs.  A lot of people smiling who I have never seen smile ever. Overall, we got a good start to the Memorial Day weekend.  And while it’s not the best way to commemorate those who have died in service for the country, a good bash is a nice Friday-way to celebrate those who live and continue to defend.  Happy 96!

Finally, a big day of congratulations (which by the way, is one of the worst parts of living out here; I really feel distant from all the good simchas).  First, close to home: my RP, RPSN Shawn Bennett, was selected to be a Petty Officer 3rd Class in the United States Navy.  Hoorah and Semper Fortis!  To all those who graduated or had family graduate from college this week, all those former campers who are now about to start the next great chapter – mazal tov!  In particular, mazal tov to Rabbi Yael Hammerman who graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary.  With her ordination, the Hammerman-Rabin sub-region of the Rabbinical Assembly is now equal in size to the Skolnik-Warren sub-region.  Congratulations!

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